David Flake Coral Reef Media Scam Charged and Found Guilty 2013 of Forging documents and misappropriation of funds. Fined approx $48k after defrauding $26,000


The company reregistered as A Georgia LLC, No. 1611338 in January of 2017 after issuing stocks under a REVOKED status in 2016 to stock purchasers. According to the SEC Conviction in 2013, David E. Flake is prohibited from selling stocks or investments.

To date there are civil complaints filed to the SEC and local authorities.

If you should be solicited by this company or associates, WARNING!

  1. Do your due diligence of background checks on all parties involved.
  2. Investigate the authenticity of all Letters of Interest, Letters of Authoization.
  3. For Proof of Funds call the bank and speak with the bank manager to verify the amount David is claiming to have in his account.
  4. Perform a complete background check on everyone involved.
  5. Contact the SEC to verify the individual has had no prior incidents with wrong doing and verify the person is licensed to sell the offer.
  6. Contact the Secretary of state to verify the status of the company license. Do not trust relying on just the digital or paper document provided as these can easily faked.
  7. Make sure the Broker is licensed to sell even private funds they must be granted a certificate of authority to collect investment money.

David Flake provided documents that mislead and decived investors that the movie was funded and the money was in process of being released from escrow. He would never let an investor speak to the money source.

David stated he was funded 70 Million and conned small investors with the story that there is a limited time to get in now in order to reap the benefits of an 18 to one return or ride out the term of the movie investment for a bigger return. He claimed that the stock would be worth over $100 each and that this was a Billion dollar movie franchise financed by the Chinese.

Now David Flake and his complicit confederates are asking for millions to sell the rights of the movie franchise, after they gave one pitch of the movie being funded and collecting $50,000 and possibly more. Since then the group wavers between Costa Rican real estate and hotel investments (exit strategy for laundering the movie money) and then retire in Costa Rica. David's hot spot for vacationing along with tuna fishing in Mexico on senior citizen investment money.

David Flakes place of business address is a run down PO BOX on Rosecrans in San Diego, CA. While he and his mother work in culpability from their extravagant home office defrauding people of their latest gypsy scheme. Now that David Flake is being exposed he has retreated to bus driving while his managing partner, Justin Finney and brokers cold call from their homes luring people into a bad movie investment. They know it. They've been informed and GREED is why they keep pushing Davids movie script originated from his so called best selling book that he has only sold 20,000 copies of online audio books over the span of approx 10 years. Pretty shy from a best seller as he promotes it as.

The Undetectables Movie Franchise, LLC or UD Franchise, LLC people involved are:

David E. Flake - Mastermind - Owner

Justin Finney - Managing Partner

(New as of June 2017) Stuart Wilson, Producer

(New as of June 2017) Joe Nazzulo, Producer

Jo Ann Read Marketing

Daniel Yates, New Account Manager as of June, 2017

Greg Mattinson - Financial Officer

Robert Anderson -Broker/Producer

John Cohn - Broker/Producer

Michael Palermo - Broker (another Con David is associated with.)

Stargate Studios was a victim of Fraud when documents were circulated to prospective investors claiming to have a partnership and digital characters invested in of $12,000 out of $25,000 for 5 characters. Stargate Studios acknowledged the signatures were forged and not theirs and that no money had ever been exchanged for services and no partnership agreement was ever signed or made. (verifiable via email and forged documents for proof were submitted to FBI and SEC)

David Flake had made an empty promise to refund all the money invested by victimized investors via email with copies of hand written checks and letters with a statement they would be FEDEX'd back in Nov 2016. Never happened. He then emailed a victim who inquired about when they could receive their money back and David replied back in two weeks. This was in February of 2017.

In the mean time, David and his partners, Justin Finney, Greg Mattinson have ignored requests to return the moneys and to do the right thing. Then turn David Flake over to authorities - if they are not complicit in his scheme.

UD Franchise, LLC / The Undetectables MOvie, LLC has no authority or rights to use the graphcis that James Faasse created for David E. Flake and his company. Let this serve as a public notice of a formal Cease and Desist (which was also emailed to David E. Flake, the use and distribution of all artworks created in any digital or print media for promotion or advertisement use. David's new site UDFRANCHISE.COM is using my artwork without permission.

Neither David E. Flake nor Justin Finney has never paid for the artwork being used, even after collecting over $50,000 from investors. Wroking as a bus driver and collecting laundered money from a personal family source regularly, David still refuses to pay any victim he has swindled and lied to monies owed. Even the investors whom he wrote letters to statign clearly he would refund their investment money and the check was on the way with photo copies of the checks sent to their attornyes email address. Attached are a few of many pieces of artwork he has stolen for use and continues.


David Flake and has victimized

Gordon & N. Faasse 76 yrs old Grand Rapids Michigan $15,000 out of their small retirement fund. The investment returns were 100% guaranteed. Gordon invested the money to leave his wife money to live off from for when he passed and to help her with her cover cost for her cancer.
Rose Brailey 74 Yrs old Grand Rapids, Michigan $100. Rose lives of a social security of $900 a month and barely anything left over to save. She's a recovering stroke victim who' left living alone after her husband passed five years ago of a stroke. She invested based on the guarantee that she would not lose her money when David contacted her.
Todd Faasse 56 yrs old Tuscon, AZ Todd invested $500 based on the 100% guarantee because he was told by David Flake the movie was fully funded and there was no risk. He was allowing only a small window of opportunity to put in money at a $1 a share that would be worth 18 times that in 18 months with the option to cash out or let the investment ride. Todd invested in hopes to have enough cash to help his handicapped 22 yr old sonwith the costs of caring for him.
Virna Filippini 40 yrs old San Diego, CA Virna invested her last $1000 dollars in savings after David convinced her it was 100% guaranteed and presured her on the phone with a small window of opportunity before the offer is closed.
James Faasse 51 yrs old San Diego, CA James invested $1,200 in stock plus another $1,000 for trade mark licensing and performed extensive work on the logo design, movie poster artworks, digital promotional material and script and marketing consultation. James time and work was billed at his professional rate of $350/ hour with promise to pay after the funds were released.
2 others from Grand Rapids, Michigan totaling $5,000
Doug Sprague Canada $25,000 David solicited this professional business thru Robert Anderson issuing him stock under his REVOKED company.

Corbin Timbrook - Used for contacts and resources and victimized with a fraudulent check for $5,000 that bounced the same day Jimmy recieved his.

Jimmy Fitzpatrick - Victim - David wrote a $5,000 Check to Jimmy which bounced at the bank. Jimmy and his wife lost $40,000 during his time vested.

From the looks of it David Flake goes after the elderly and those with very little so as to avoid any legal prosecution. It would appear his MO is to fake documents, as he did with Coral Reef Media and go after small investors who are easily taken advantage of with limited knowledge about investments - if any wherewithall about investing at all. Trumping up the investment with faked documents and falsified signatures to lure the unsuspecting with his charming personality with an offer you can't refuse.

David defrauded these elderly investors and the other victims funds to pay off his mother $5,000 then look a fishing trip to Mexico, the flight cost $700. David Flake stayed at a luxury hotel in San Diego getting massages and fine dining at $350 a day! He paid off his partners Justin Finney, Corbin Timbrook and Jimmy Fitzgerald and Greg Mattinson, leaving nothing to invest in the movie for character development and movie production as he said it would be used for. This is gross misappropriation of funds with the premedidated intent to defraud all these investors.

INVESTORS BEWARE CONTACT THE FBI, SEC and Local San Diego Authorities Immediately if Contaced by this Convicted Scam Artist VIOLATING A COURT ORDER TO THIS DATE!!!

The movie poster artwork and logo are also being used without permission from the graphic designer and has issued a cease and desist of use of all artwork and logos created as no payment has ever been made for the work. All character artwork was stolen from artists who were promised $10,000 contract if their artwork was used in the promotion of the movie. The contest scam was run on Craigslist and robbed the artists of any credit and contest money. 


Below is proof that David Flake FORGED the Partnership agreement. It's very obvious both signatures are from the same person. Not Pete Wares signature as verified in Stargates response.

On the Artwork Contract, note that David writers in his email to the prospective investor of ($500,000 to possibly invest) that David has already paid $12,000 of the $25,000 for 5 characters. David also adds another lie in his email stating that Sam Nicholson's signature is on the original document at home, giving explanation why only David's signature is only on the work document.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pete Wares of Stargate Studios, clearly responds to the inquiring investor that there is NOT a partnership in place. Though the promotional documents state there is and the FAKE PARTNERSHIP Contract is not a real partnership contract (it's an outline) with the forged signature of Pete Wares. The evidence below was requested by the investor performing due diligence. The emails are sent DIRECTLY FROM DAVID FLAKE. David is CAUGHT RED HANDED in a FAILED attempt to SCAM an investor of $500,000! He will go at no length to ripp someone off.




There is so much more EVIDENCE Still Davids partners are ignoring the facts and refuse to reimburse the victims of his scandal. David Flake has since taken a back seat and place all responsibility on Justin Finney, whom is the Managing Partner. This is very common of con artists who start selling off things and taking the "back seat" while they set up their exist to disappear and leave the unsuspecting or other partners in crime to take the fall.

The sad thing is SCAMS like this, people like this, hurt legitmate investment opportunities for Hollywood movies and hurts hard working American people who invest their retirement money based on lies and deceit conned by the sociopathic needs of  a selfish narcissist who has no conscience of destroying families ad the elderly, and those who are struggling to provide a better life for their handicapped children. People like David Flake are bottom feeders and scum bags who prey on the trust and good will of others with no conscience of stealing from them. David Flake needs to be brought to justice and answer to the authorities and pay back the money and due time. It's obvious the first slap on the hand did not sway him from a life of crime. So the authorities need to slap the cuffs on him and have his retirement years spent behind bars where he can do no harm to others on the outside and can take a long hard look into the abyss of his dark soul and wallow for forgiveness from God and the people he robbed.

David had lied and guaranteed the movie was funded and that there was NO RISK. He provided FAKE documents showing only in the bank ready for production. He provided FAKE Proof of Funds of his bank account. DAVID E. FLAKE lives up to his name. A FLAKE. Hopefully He gets smart and refunds the victims monies that he sent copies of hand signed checks to saying the "Checks in the mail".